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All Audio Cable Obey the Laws of Physics

Black Rhodium announces the launch of Graham Nalty’s 60 page book ‘All Audio Cables Obey the Laws of Physics’. The book is based on Graham’s experience of designing and manufacturing audio cables for music playing systems. Purchasers of the book will also be given a 12 page booklet that describes 15 low cost ways to upgrade a hi-fi system as a free incentive for consumers to buy the book.         


‘All Audio Cables Obey the Laws of Physics’ explains;


HOW the Laws of Physics VERY SIGNIFICANTLY affect the quality of sound you enjoy

WHY using very good cables is SO VERY IMPORTANT to enjoying your music

HOW Black Rhodium designs cables to give you the very best sound quality


‘All Audio Cables Obey the Laws of Physics’ sheds new light on many of the myths of audio cable design from a scientific viewpoint illustrating this with many examples from past and present Black Rhodium cables.


‘All Audio Cables Obey the Laws of Physics’ will be launched at this year’s Bristol hi-Fi Show in room 320 of the Marriott City Centre Hotel in Bristol and Graham Nalty will be on hand in to sign copies of the book between 11am and 12 noon on each day of the show.


‘All Audio Cables Obey the Laws of Physics’ can be purchased from the Black Rhodium web site  and it is hoped that many dealers will take the opportunity to sell the book to their customers.


For further information please contact Black Rhodium at