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Cables for people who are passionate about music.

Black Rhodium designs, manufactures and distributes Hi-Fi cables. We are located at Derby in the U.K Midlands.


We help music lovers to achieve better sound quality in their home music system so they can enjoy a greater pleasure from their music and gain enhanced appreciation of the artistry of their favourite musicians.


Your choice of cables to connect your audio equipment can have a profound effect on how good your music sounds.


Black Rhodium designs are based on the principles described in Graham Nalty’s book ‘All Audio Cables Obey the Laws of Physics’. The Laws of Physics describe effects that change the flow of electricity via a cable and cause your music to distort. Black Rhodium has developed new techniques to minimise all these types of distortion.


We are confident that our cables will make a positive difference to your musical pleasure.

You can confirm the Black Rhodium sound quality by reading the many complimentary magazine articles on our ‘Reviews’ page and the feedback from satisfied customers in our ‘Testimonials’ page.


Our PROTO cables are built to test different components and materials so that we can offer you the very best sound. We are happy to offer PROTO cables at half price or less so that our customers can enjoy great savings and great sound.


Black Rhodium is the UK distributor for Oyaide audio accessories, connectors and cables.


You can buy Black Rhodium cables from our dealers in the UK and our distributors in countries outside the UK. Or you can place your order via our web site.


Please explore our product ranges by clicking/tapping on the tiles below, or use the menu above.


We are here so you can enjoy your music more. Please let us know how we can help.

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A superlative collection for high end hi-fi systems 

High grade hi-fi components hand made from Japan

Award winning cables terminated and unterminated

Your most musical choice for mid-price systems

Cables that do ultra justice to the very best music playing equipment


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